What are Montessori Nomenclature Cards? & How to use them?

What are Montessori Nomenclature Cards?

Montessori Nomenclature cards or 3-part cards are an effective and brilliant way to introduce new vocabulary or concepts to kids. They are also known as Montessori Classified Cards. They consist of 3 parts:

1) Tne Control Card (Picture + Text)

2) The Object Card (Picture only)

3) The label Card (Text only)

These are usually used with kids aged 3-6 years old, but you can use them for kids outside this age bracket. There is no hard and fast rule. They can be used with children who are not reading yet and are perfect for emergent readers. And can also be used with non-verbal children by pointing you can see if they are understanding.

Classified cards are generic at first and show everyday contemporary things children are familiar with, for instance, food, transport, plants, animals, furniture, and so on.

How to Use