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How to Teach your Child to Cut with Scissors? And Why this Skill is Important?

Updated: May 17, 2021

Your child should be able to hold and use scissors when he/she reaches kindergarten (even if she doesn’t yet cut a straight line), so there’s no better time to practice this important skill than now. Toddlers can hold and manipulate toys and objects, which is all they need to start holding and using scissors. Teaching your toddler to use scissors now can strengthen the hand and finger muscles she’ll need to hold a pencil or play an instrument.

The Wonder behind Scissor Skills

Scissor Skills are quite impressive if you think about it! To an older child or an adult holding the scissors, opening and cutting is not a thought out process but for babies and toddlers they are in awe when they hold, open and close scissors and learning how to make that snip!

Being able to use scissors requires:

Fine Motor Skills: Coordinating fingers, hands and wrists to work together.

Ability to Focus: On the task

Hand-eye Coordination: to move scissors along a line

Posture: To sit up straight and hold scissors and paper in hand and

Coordination between both the parts of the body(bilateral coordination) to hold and work on scissors in one hand and paper in the other.

Your toddler won't master the skill during toddlerhood but will continue developing and will be a pro by age 6.


TP roll people Salon - The idea is to draw a face on a toilet paper roll and glue either yarn or wool as hair. Give your kid scissors to chop off their woolly manes of TP people.

Playdough - Practising scissor skill with playdough is easier for toddlers to cut than paper.

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