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This page shows the terms that the influencer agrees to market the brand's products on Instagram/Facebook before collaborating with The Toddler Prints.

Purpose of collaboration

The Toddler Prints wants to collaborate with an influencer who approaches the brand or the brand approaches them for an influencer campaign. The campaign will be mainly set for The Toddler Prints brand promotion.

Description of collaboration

The collaboration will take part between the times the brand and influencer agree upon and the influencer agrees to the following tasks:

  • Publications: Minimum five Instagram/Facebook posts, Minimum fifteen Instagram/Facebook stories, minimum two reels and other types of content.

  • Publications must include: Hashtags namely #thetoddlerprints, #montessori #homeschool #flashcards #toddlerbinders #toddlerbundles, mentions, UTM tracking links, and other useful information for the collaborator.



The contract will have a duration of time from the time the influencer and the brand agree upon, which the collaborator will adjust to the times and deadlines defined by The Toddler Prints.

Particular relationship conditions

The influencer will provide contact and a telephone/laptop with sufficient capacity to develop the content for the campaign. Once the campaign is finished, the collaborator will provide insights with the metrics that are available in their profile of each post. The ownership of the content for the campaign remains with the influencer but however, the brand can repost this content on its page.


The influencer will receive monetary compensation for what the brand and influence agree upon for the campaign. This fee will be paid at the beginning, end or at different times as confirmed by both parties. Once the first amount is delivered, if the first content doesn’t meet the expectation of the brand or it’s not done, the influencer must return that monetary fee. 

The influencer must send an invoice that includes a fiscal address and information in order to be paid for the campaign.

Responsibility of advertising actions/FTC guidelines

The influencer will follow FTC guidelines by such as including #ad or #sponsored in posts. 

Confidentiality information

The influencer will keep the most absolute confidentiality regarding the performance of the contracted services, the result thereof, as well as any information related to The Toddler Prints. The result of sharing this information will be against NDA and the brand will take necessary legal action if this happens.

Reasons for termination of the contract

Valid causes of termination of the contract will be all those that are expressly included in the regulations applicable to it, highlighting the following:

  • Failure by the influencer to provide exclusive professional services for The Toddler Prints there has been a written consent. 

  • Withdrawal of the influencer by prior notice to the Company

  • The influencer has shared personal information of the company

And for the record, the influencer and The Toddler Prints agree to this contract for a single purpose


For more information about our influencer practices and terms, if you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact us by e-mail at

Last updated: 17.03.2021

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