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On the Farm 
A Farm Animal Busy Book

On the Farm is our new product which teaches kids all things on the farm. We have designed this themed bundle in such a way that your toddler/preschooler will have hands-on experience in doing many literacies, numeracy and free play activities.

“Imagination rules the world”

 I think it's super important to know what we get before buying something new especially a digital product. Fret Not! we have a special sneak peek just for you.



Flashcards are an effective way to introduce farm animals to your kids. This bundle has flashcards of farm animals in both illustrated and real-life images.


 10 frame worksheet

Ten-Frames are two-by-five rectangular frames into which objects like counters can be placed to show numbers less than or equal to ten. Ten frame worksheets help students develop basic number sense by adding and subtracting numbers.


Things on the Farm

This activity teaches your child the names of all things found on the farm with their corresponding picture for recognition of name and matching name with image.

Ok, Still not convinced?

What's inside the On the Farm | Farm Animals Themed Bundle?

The product contains 2 PDFs, 1 product PDF, and 1 disclaimer.

1. Farm Animal Poster

2. Alphabets (Caps & Non-caps)

3. Numbers ( 1 to 20)

4. Matching capital letters to non-caps

5. Flashcards of farm animals (graphic)

6. Flashcards of farm animals (real-life image)

7. Names of farm animals

8. Grammer

9. 10 framework

10. Counting ducks

11. Number Peg cards

12. Number Puzzle

13. Silhouette Matching

14. Pre-Writing Practise

15. Color Matching

16. Playdough mats

and much more!! 


This is a whopping 100-page bundle.

All this you get at a nominal price, and yes since it is a digital product when you buy once you can reuse it over and over again any number of times for any number of your kids.


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